There are a number of websites that offer free evaluations of your home’s worth. They use various proprietary formulas along with information available from the Internet to develop their estimates. The websites do a reasonable job with the tangible data (square footage, quality of construction, neighborhood, etc.). But in fact, your home’s real worth is what a motivated buyer is willing to spend for both the tangible and intangible values.

To get an accurate answer, you need to have a real estate professional spend time visiting with you in your home to discover all of its value.  Then, when that professional makes their presentation, you should question their assumptions. And remember, unless you have a lot of time to wait for your home to sell, an estimate that is too high can be as costly as one that is too low.

If you want to begin your selling quest with a computer evaluation (and why not… it only takes a couple of minutes), here is the link for a free evaluation. Just remember, a computer will probably not take into account your intangibles.

Computer Anaylsis